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6904 Glenwood Avenue #100
Raleigh, NC, 27612
United States


Facility Rental Policies

1.   Please include a fax number/email so confirmation can be sent to you. (There is space on the first page of this form for your fax/email).

2.    This facility is a smoke-freebuilding.

 3.   Confetti or rice is not to be used within the facility or on the property.

4.    Additional charges apply if renter requires a staff memberto

a)  Open/Close the building—$   .00.

b)   Set up tables, chairs, etc.—$   .00

c)   Clean up, i.e., put away tables, chairs, vacuum carpets, mop floors, tidy washrooms, etc.,—$    .00

The renter has the option to set up and clean up themselves, with no additional charge.

6.   All renters ordinarily will conduct their functions to permit the closing of the facility by       pmMonday through Friday and by pmSaturday and Sunday. (In certain circumstances, these times may beextended).

7.    Any damage to equipment or facilities, other than from normal use, shall be the responsibility of those renting the facility. All fees for rental of facilities and equipment arepayableto          facilityand delivered to the secretaryuponbooking.         willpay its staff as required. A damage depositof$is required. Damage deposit will be returned to renter if facilities are left in satisfactory condition(determinedby         staff).

8.   Indemnification: It is an express term of this agreement that the Renter indemnifies HOFMNC for any costs or damages of any kind incurred by HOFMNC, as a result of the rental of the facility by theRenter.

9.    All bookings and arrangements must be made through the HOFMNC secretary at least two weeks prior to the    event.

10.   BookingsandarrangementsinunusualcircumstancesmaybedirectedtotheCommitteeofAdministrationforapproval.

11.   Cancellation: A full refund will be given if cancellation notice hasbeengiven       weeks priorto the event.Anything lessthanweek(s)notice, one-half of the payment will berefunded.

12.   All Marketing and communications should be done independent of using Household of Faith Ministries name.